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With our Tip In Dock system you can install and remove your docks without getting wet!
If you're tired of getting in that frigid April water or if your waders always leak (even if they're new), the Tip In aluminum docks can be a great option.  Get your docks in early all while staying high and dry.
Everybody always asks which decking is the best!
And my answer is always the same as what I say in this video.  Give this a quick watch and you'll know which decking option is the best for you and your needs.  I discuss the pros and cons of cedar, Surestep, and PVC decking.
It's so incredibly important that your deck panels are removable.
In this quick video not only do I discuss why your dock needs to have decking panels that are removable, but also how our deck panels come off and of course what keeps them on!
An amazingly simple and versatile floating dock system!
Give this video a quick watch to discover all the special features that make our floating aluminum docks stand apart from the rest.  See how they connect and how they're secured.
Design your own personalized dock system right from your own home.
In this quick tutorial I show you how to use our online Easy Dock Builder App tool. Choose your dock and decking, enter your water depths, design a unique layout, and then get a price complete w/ shipping right on your computer or smart phone.
There's nothing worse than a wobbly dock!
In this video I hop on top of a 7ft tall dock to show just how treacherous a wobbly dock can be. Learn why you're new dock from Bestmade won't wobble.  You could also watch just to see me struggle to get up on a dock that tall!
I doubt Mom and Dad taught you everything you need to know about buying a dock.
We don't grow up knowing what makes a good dock.  Once you buy a lake house the first thing you'll need is a dock, and this quick video will show you what to look for.
All of our docks can be removed without getting in the water.
Watch this video of Erik and I removing 20 sections of dock in less than an hour.  You'll notice we stay high and dry through the whole thing.  It was a chilly day, would have been more chilly in the water.
Get all of your questions answered on what makes the Surestep decking panels so special.
If keeping your dock as light as possible is the most important factor for you, the Surestep panels are the way to go.  Learn all about the great features in this quick video.
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