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Lightest Price &
Easiest Install
Watch the video. It doesn't get any easier than this. With our "Tip-In" dock hinge system, you can even install your lightweight aluminum dock without ever getting wet!
  • No more long, heavy, 1 solid piece sections.
  • No more hassling friends and family for dock help.
  • No more waste-your-precious-lake-time repairs.
Leave the dock-nonsense to your neighbors. Call or write today to discuss your unique needs.
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Features of the Aluminum
Cottage Style Tip In Dock
Fully Welded Aluminum Dock Frame
Unlike some other boat docks, you won't be bolting your frame together when you receive it.
Docks are Super Easy to Install and Remove
The 4'x8' aluminum dock frame weighs 50lbs and with 2 legs only weighs 65lbs each. The "Tip-In" solo dock allows 1 man to install and remove without getting wet!
Best Prices Anywhere
We sell direct to the cottage owner, not the distributor... and then the marina... and then you.
Best Features Anywhere
The list is long. From the Quick Clip tip-in brackets, to the recessed decking, to the exterior track system, these aluminum boat docks are designed from the ground up with you in mind.
Aluminum Dock Features
Aluminum Frame Track System and Recessed Decking Aluminum Frame Track System and Recessed Decking
Removable Deck Panels - Cedar, Poly, or PVC Removable Deck Panels - Cedar, Poly, or PVC
Fully Welded Aluminum Dock Frame w/ Removable Deck Panels Fully Welded Aluminum Dock Frame w/ Removable Deck Panels
Price Per Section Cottage Style Tip In Aluminum Dock w/cedar (4x8): $845 ea.
Cottage Style Tip In Aluminum Dock w/cedar (6x8): $1095 ea.
Cottage Style Tip In Aluminum Dock w/Surestep Poly (4x8): $895 ea.
Cottage Style Tip In Aluminum Dock w/Surestep Poly (6x8): $1195 ea.

We regularly ship factory direct all over the US.

What's Included? Frame
Cedar Decking
Support Legs
Mud Feet
In other words... EVERYTHING!

The Absolute Lowest Prices on the Best Docks

If a business will listen to their customers the customers will tell you exactly what they're looking for in a product. Because we've listened to which features are most important to our customers - low prices and 1-person installation - we've created a dock that does those 2 things exceptionally well. Factory direct pricing and smart design decisions like the frame track system and extruded aluminum tip in brackets have lowered manufacturing costs. Tubular aluminum construction w/ removable decking panels have made this a product that is remarkably easy to install, yet very strong and durable in the water. Match that with top-notch customer service and this is a dock that checks all the boxes!
Number 1 Icon Quick Clip Tip in Dock Brackets Quick Clip Tip in Dock BracketsIf you've lived at the lake for any length of time you've been here: Ice cold March lake water, an old pair of leaky waders, and a group of summer time friends and family who have no intention of coming to the lake until they're sporting shorts and flip flops. That leaves you all by your lonesome to put the dock in.
That means when you go to install a patio dock section you simply add the Quick Clips to the 8ft sides instead of the 4ft ends. Of course all of the accessories clamp to the track system as well which allows infinite placement options with no drilling. Oh and the other guys - they'll want you to purchase specialized adapters and end plates to make this stuff happen. With ours it's built in!
Number 2 Icon Frame Track System Frame Track SystemThe track system on the aluminum dock frames is the backbone of the system. Because the track runs on both the sides and the ends of the docks, the Quick Clip tip in brackets can be installed on both the ends and the sides of the frames.
With the Quick Clip tip in brackets, 1 reasonably fit person can install this solo dock by themselves and without getting in the water. Simply carry a frame out upside down, flip it up so the Quick Clip brackets capture the end of the dock frame, then gently splash it into the water. The Quick Clip tip in brackets will slide the frame right into the position to pinch it tight with the set bolts. Then on to the next section.
Number 3 Icon Removable Decking Panels Removable Decking PanelsMake no mistake about it: Removable deck panels are the single most important feature to an easy installation and removal process. Think about it - at least half of your dock weight is the weight of the decking! If you can put that on secondarily then you cut your load you have to carry in half. That's a no-brainer. Seems obvious, right?
Of course most manufacturers choose not to have removable panels because it's cheaper to weld or screw decking directly to the frame. More money in their pockets, more aggravation in your life.
Number 4 Icon Incredibly Simple Design Incredibly Simple DesignThis is more about what our docks are not than what they are. No cam lever leg locks that skyrocket costs in the name of simplicity. No folding legs that add hundreds to the price per dock section in the name of a neater stack of docks in the fall.
No fastening together a bunch of frame trusses only to end up with a wobbly structure held together with a bunch of bolts. Nope. Just a simple, uniform, easy to use design with nothing to break or go bad. When you add it all up we think it will be obvious that Bestmade Docks is sure to be the best option for your new aluminum docks!
Dock Accessory Options
Aluminum Ladder
Aluminum Ladder
4-Step $225
Canoe / Kayak Racks
Canoe / Kayak Racks
$145 per Pair
Dock Anchor Post
Dock Anchor Post
$60 w/ 8ft Long Post
UltraGard Bumper
UltraGard Bumper
Adjustable - $75 ea.
Solar Post Lights by Lakelite
Solar Post Lights by Lakelite
$60 per 2 pack
Dock Leveling Winch
Dock Leveling Winch
$135 ea.
Nylon Boat Dock Cleat
Galvanized Boat Dock Cleat
8" - $15 ea.
Dock Decking Options
Cedar Included
Cedar Included

Sure-Step Deck Panels (tan/gray)
Sure-Step Deck Panels (tan/gray)
Add $50 per 4x8 section

PVC Decking (tan and gray)
PVC Decking (tan and gray)
Add $100 per 4x8 section

Built for Lake Days!

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