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Beautiful, Versatile, Durable, and Affordable!
Finally, a feature rich, beautiful and long lasting floating boat dock for sale that is also affordable. Gone are the days of settling for some warped, wooden monstrosity filled with screws and brackets.
  • Gone are the long, heavy, 1 solid piece sections.
  • Gone are the pile-driving barge contractors who will "be there when they get there".
  • Gone are the waste-your-precious-lake-time repairs.
Leave the nonsense to the neighbors. Call or write today to discuss your unique needs.
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Features of the Floating
Aluminum Lake Truss Dock
Fully Welded Aluminum Dock Frame
Unlike some of the other floating boat docks for sale, you won't be bolting your frame together or chopping up a bunch of warped chemical filled lumber for days.
Floating docks are Super Easy to Install and Remove
Just float them into place, drop the auger posts, and screw into the bottom. Skip the obnoxious permit and pile driving process.
Best Floating Dock Prices Anywhere
You don't need to settle for the prices the local marina gives you. We sell direct to the homeowner, not the distributor... and then the marina... and then you.
Best Features Anywhere
The list is long. From the Quick Clip connecting brackets, recessed decking to the exterior track system, this is a floating boat dock designed from the ground up with you in mind.
Features of the Floating Aluminum Lake Truss Dock
Welded in Leg Piling Holders With Gusseted Corners for Superior Strength Welded in Leg Piling Holders With Gusseted Corners for Superior Strength
Track Mount Connector Brackets Can Connect Frames in Any Layout Track Mount Connector Brackets Can Connect Frames in Any Layout
Fully Welded Aluminum Frame w/ Removable Deck Panels Fully Welded Aluminum Frame w/ Removable Deck Panels
Floating Dock Prices Floating Truss Dock w cedar decking (4x8): $1300 ea.
Floating Truss Dock w/ Surestep Decking (4x8): $1350 ea.
Floating Truss Dock w/ PVC Decking (4x8): $1400 ea.
Floating Truss Dock w/ cedar decking(6x8): $1500 ea.
Floating Truss Dock w/ Surestep Decking (6x8): $1575 ea.
Floating Truss Dock w/ PVC Decking (6x8): $1650 ea.

We regularly ship factory direct all over the US. Check out our F.A.Q. page for more info!

What's Included? Frame
Dock Anchor Posts
In other words... EVERYTHING!

A Full Dock Line to Provide a Full Docking Solution

Did you know that you can mix and match our dock systems? Because we've specifically designed our systems to have similar components and geometry, we can dial in a perfect solution for your application. Looking to save a few bucks (aren't we all)? Let's use our Cottage Style Dock as a walkway to your floating platform! If your water drops off to 7+ft or if you have water fluctuations from tidal changes or dam control, maybe you only need a portion of your dock to be a consistent height off the water. In that case, a floating platform with a ramp connected to a less expensive non-floating dock makes a ton of sense.
Cottage Style Dock as a walkway
Number 1 Icon Skip the Barge Skip the BargeLots of paperwork with the state environmental department... A huge pile driving barge parked out in front of your house for a month... And a massive bill to go with it. Skip the extra nonsense. By using our anchor post system to secure your floating docks, you can SIGNIFICANTLY cut down on both cost and permitting for your floating dock. If a barge drives a pile, the structure is permanent (even if it gets wrecked by hurricane weather or northern ice). When our anchor posts are used, the system is considered removable, even if it's only installed once forever and always.
The trick is all in the sand augers outfitted to the bottom of the dock posts. Float the dock to its location, release the poles from the upright position, and let them drop to the floor. From there, stick a screw driver or rigid rod through the pre-drilled holes in the top end of the pipe and crank them down into the sand. You'll be amazed at how quickly they bury themselves and how far down they get. Augers work great in sand/mud/silt/clay, but obviously won't go through rocks, at which point you should contact Bestmade to discuss alternate anchoring options. Have a hurricane coming in and concerned about tidal surge? Have to take your docks out every season because your lake freezes? No problem. Just reverse process and screw the sand augers back out, lock them in the upright position, and float them to shore.
Number 2 Icon A Rugged Frame A Rugged FrameA floating dock is subject to stresses regular leg docks don't have to deal with. Because there is no fixed base of support, the frame has to be built tough to handle the torsion of the varying loads applied just from the simple act of someone walking down their dock. This frame was designed to be impossible to break. When you look at competitor's docks from a distance, they look built tough, but if you take a closer look you'll see one snapped weld or broken bolt and the whole thing becomes useless. Not our frame. You'd have to snap no fewer than 10 welds to break the pile guide from the frame.
Don't let the strength of this frame fool you - it's also lightweight and versatile. Aluminum weighs far less than steel and pressure treated lumber, and is also corrosion resistant making it ideal for salt water applications. Because the aluminum materials are extruded to the exact design specified, we get all of the great features like the track system built right in. Ever see a steel or wood dock with a track system? Nope.
Floating Dock Accessory Options
Aluminum Ladder
Aluminum Ladder
4-Step $225
Canoe / Kayak Racks
Canoe / Kayak Racks
$145 per Pair
UltraGard Bumper
UltraGard Bumper
Adjustable - $75 ea.
Solar Post Lights by Lakelite
Solar Post Lights by Lakelite
$60 per 2 pack
Nylon Boat Dock Cleat
Galvanized Boat Dock Cleat
8" - $15 ea.
Floating Dock Decking Options
Cedar Included
Cedar Included

Sure-Step Deck Panels (tan/gray)
Sure-Step Deck Panels (tan/gray)
Add $50 per 4x8 section

PVC Decking (tan and gray)
PVC Decking (tan and gray)
Add $100 per 4x8 section
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