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General Questions
Arrow IconQ: I live outside the Finger Lakes. How will you ship my dock and how much will it cost?
Arrow IconQ: I see you have your pricing set for 4ft x 8ft and 6ft x 8ft section sizes only. Do you make other sizes?
Arrow IconQ: I've decided which style of Bestmade Dock I would like, how do I proceed?
Arrow IconQ: Is there any place where I can view your products? Can you refer me to a customer in my area?
Arrow IconQ: Do I need to know my exact water depths?
Arrow IconQ: Aside from water depths and desired layout, what other information might you need?
Arrow IconQ: Do you perform seasonal installations and removals?
Arrow IconQ: I'm a new cottage owner and am unsure of what I need for docks. Do you do site visits?
Arrow IconQ: What is your warranty on your products?
Product Questions
Arrow IconQ: For the tip in dock, how do I adjust the dock height without getting in the water?
Arrow IconQ: How do the aluminum docks connect to one another?
Arrow IconQ: Can I connect and tip in docks side to side as I can end to end?
Arrow IconQ: How many and how long of dock support legs come with your boat docks?
Arrow IconQ: Can I cut my dock legs to be a consistent height above the deck surface after the dock is installed?
Arrow IconQ: What types of dock layouts can I create?
Arrow IconQ: Should I anchor my dock to shore?
Arrow IconQ: What keeps the dock in place?
Arrow IconQ: I see you offer a ramp section. How is that different from any other section?
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