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Endless Options and
Lots of Versatility
Everyone has different needs for their docks. Some just want to get to their boat. Others will use their lake docks as the primary entertaining and relaxing area. By using small section sizes that can be configured in almost any layout imaginable, you can build the exact dock that you want. Because of the versatility, you can even change your dock layout from season-to-season or even in-season. Is your lake subject to low late summer water levels? Reconfigure on the fly and use your patio dock to extend into deeper water!
Endless Options and Lots of Versatility
Configure Your Own Dock
Right on Our Website!

Did you know we have a web based dock configuration app right on our website? Choose your dock, decking, enter your water depths, and drag and drop dock sections to create your own unique dock configurations. Complete price including shipping and sales tax update in real time. Finish it off with a layout, price, and parts list delivered right to your inbox to share with your family and friends.
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Dock Layout Options

Straight Dock
Just need to get to your boat? Use the straight dock and put the rest of your money back in your pocket.
Patio T Dock
Best option for a dock with an area to relax that is both long and wide. Lots of surface area!
Patio Dock
Far and away our most popular dock layout. Lots of useable area. Add extra sections to the patio down the road to increase your space!
Shore Patio Dock
A great option for lakes or ponds where the water depth increases very quickly. Get lots of patio dock area right next to the shore.
L Dock
A nice, simple dock with room for you and a friend to cast a line and catch some fish.
Stub T Dock
Perhaps the most iconic dock of all time, this one is a classic. A simple dock with some space at the end for an adirondack chair.
U Dock
Some folks have boats - lots of 'em. If you have multiple hoists and need a space to park all of them with good access, check out the "U" dock.
T Dock
This will be one of the best dock layouts for transient docking. Have a bunch of lake buddies stopping by all the time? This is a great option.
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