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Business is changing and Bestmade Docks is changing with it. We're unique in the way we do business in that we don't have an expensive showroom or some big dealer network sucking up cash and driving the price up for the consumer. We're not some lazy, legacy business where the owner is absent and the cranky employees shout at customers. We haven't spent the last 30 years cranking out the same antiquated dock designs with the same bloated pricing model, hoping our customers purchased from us due to lack of information. Instead, owner Joe McHale takes a unique approach:
No Dealers They demand a 25% mark up on products, are routinely outfitted with their own agendas, and provide little value to the customer for what they do to your price tag. With an informative website and reasonable shipping costs, you're better off putting that cash back in your pocket. 10 years ago you had no choice but to go to a marina and pay their mark-up. The internet has now leveled the playing field and exposed the middle man. Only low information shoppers would buy from a marina these days. You can now search the world from the palm of your hand and we're confident you'll find our product rises to the top.
Owner Handles All Product Correspondences This means you get the best advice and the best service from the guy who actually designed the docks. "What do you guys sell like 3 docks a year? How can he have time for that?" Thousands of docks, actually. But because we've embraced technology with tools like our online dock builder application, provided a website that actually gives you the important information you're looking for like pricing and product videos, and by streamlining the product offering with versatility by design, by the time our customers pick up the phone or type out an email we're into the nitty-gritty application specific questions. That's how 1 guy is able to handle 100% of the contacts. Efficiency. Sorry though, folks, Joe probably won't have time to personally deliver your dock these days.
100% Customer Satisfaction If something goes wrong or you're in any way unsatisfied, even if it's not our fault, even if you didn't follow our instructions, even if you're being a real jerk about it, we'll take care of you. We're continually shocked at how willing other businesses are to get in shouting matches with customers over anything, let alone things that don't really matter. $200 worth of replacement parts or $50 worth of freebies means nothing to a business the size of ours, but it means everything to an individual who purchased with a certain set of expectations and had a part of that experience be negative. Our online reviews are all 5-stars (go look them up), and we have far more than any other dock company because of this commitment to doing the right thing.
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