How We Ship Your Docks

Local Delivery
For deliveries within the Finger Lakes of NY Bestmade offers FREE delivery. The free delivery Finger Lakes region is considered to be from Conesus Lake as the western boundary to Skaneateles Lake as the eastern boundary. These local deliveries are always made with a pickup truck outfitted with a flat bed or small flat bed trailer. We'll hand unload at the closest spot we can get to with the vehicle.  Our drivers will not be able to carry your docks more than 20ft from the trailer and also will not be able to carry docks up or down stairs or slopes of any kind. ** Free delivery does NOT include accessories or parts ordered at a later time. **
Nationwide Delivery
Bestmade offers nationwide shipping via 1 of 2 methods.

1. Delivery via flatbed pickup. This can work well for deliveries inside New York State, but often exceeds the price tag of the LTL Freight shipments as the distance increases. For most deliveries in the North East we'll deliver on a flat bed trailer pulled behind a pickup. If you are outside of our free delivery range, to figure your delivery charge, multiply the round trip distance from Seneca Falls, NY to your location by $1.25 per mile.  Most deliveries in the North East will top out at $400, even if the mile rate calculation exceeds that.  Like with local delivery, we'll hand unload at the closest point we're able to safely get to with the delivery rig.  Drivers will stack your docks up to a maximum of 20ft from the trailer and will not carry docks up or down steps or slopes of any kind.

2. Freight LTL - This will usually be the most cost effective method for greater distances. With this process, we'll wrap and band your pallet of docks which will contain everything you need to set up and go. We'll then schedule the shipment and forward you the tracking number after pickup.

* Freight shipments are transported on an 18 wheeler, so obviously we must deliver to a location that can accommodate a rig that size. If the location is too tight, many of our customers have their docks delivered to their regular home or where they work. Remember: all of the components are individually very light, so it's not difficult to transport the dock from the drop location to the lake shore. Most docks will fit in the back of a pickup or on a small trailer.

* The freight company will call to schedule delivery once the shipment arrives at your local terminal. We've seen them be extremely accommodating - "You want your pallet Friday after 4pm, you got it!" We've also seen them be more rigid - "We do residential deliveries on Thursdays." You should prepare for the worst case, but it usually falls somewhere in the middle. The important thing is that you get the call so you can plan on the delivery.

*The truck may be outfitted with a lift gate, but that can not be guaranteed. This means that you should be prepared to hand unload the order from the back of the truck and it often helps to have a second set of hands for this.  To unload you'll need to snip the bands on the pallet, unwrap the plastic, and unload piece by piece.

*Typical transit times are 2-5 days. From there it will be the customer's responsibility to work with the freight company on the delivery date.

*Deliveries are typically Monday thru Friday during normal business hours.  If the freight company contacts the customer for a delivery appointment and the customer is not able to take delivery for more than 3 days, the terminal may attempt to collect holding fees from the customer.  

*For a single pallet of stationary docks (be it 1 section on a pallet up to 12 sections), the delivery cost is typically $400 for the region from Michigan to Maine. Request a quote for deliveries outside that area.

IMPORTANT:  If you live in an area that can not accommodate a full size 18 wheeler and outside of our "Michigan to Maine" delivery area, you should consider having your order shipped to a freight service center.  Under this scenario, the customer would pick up at the freight service center of their choice and transport their dock into camp themselves from there.   *** DUE TO CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC SOME SERVICE CENTER SHIPPING IS UNAVAILABLE. **

Freight LTL Shipping Terms and Conditions

At Bestmade we strive to properly set expectations in everything we do.  While Freight LTL shipping typically goes very well, we do on occasion have issues.  When a shipment is in transit it is at that point under the care and presumed professionalism of the freight company.

By placing an order, The Customer agrees to the following terms and conditions:

* Damage:  Unfortunately damage will occur on occasion, typically as a result of a careless forklift operator (Freight Companies).  If damage has occurred, you The Customer must have the freight company document the damage on both their paperwork and yours, and The Customer must send pictures of the damage to Bestmade.  The documentation must be done at the service center for terminal pick ups, or in the presence of the delivery driver for residential deliveries.  Bestmade will not be liable for damage that has not been documented.

* Delivery Window:  We understand that many of our customers have to take time off from work to accept their shipment and it can be frustrating if the delivery is not made as expected.  Freight companies will schedule a delivery window with The Customer at a mutually agreed upon time.  On occasion, freight companies will miss this delivery window as a result of weather issues, break downs, delays at prior deliveries, or just plain negligence.  Bestmade will not be liable for compensation of any kind for missed delivery times as this is outside of our control.  It should also be noted that deliveries are typically made during normal business hours Mon-Fri and the policy of most Freight Companies is that the customer will take delivery of the shipment within 3 business days after it reaches the local terminal or holding fees may be assessed.  Bestmade will not be liable for holding fees.

* Access:  Deliveries can be made on a rig up to the size of a full sized 18 wheeler, and as such it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that a rig that size can not only access your site, but also turn around to exit.  If a delivery driver deems it too dangerous or unreasonable to try to access a property, they will at that point attempt to unload at the closest point at which they can gain access to at which time the order becomes the property of The Customer.  Bestmade will not be liable for compensation due to troubles with access at delivery.

* Lift Gate:  Bestmade will often request a lift gate but that does not mean the freight companies are obligated to use it as the dimensions of dock pallets are typically just slightly over the maximum allowed lift gate limits.  The customer should be prepared to hand unload and Bestmade is not liable if the customer is not.  The customer would be required to come up with an alternate solution.
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