An amazingly easy dock sold exclusively to marine professionals!

It's frustrating when the same gigantic dock companies keep cranking out the same heavy docks for the same outrageous prices.  Your customers have noticed.  What makes our dock different?
  • No more absurdly high dealer prices that leave your customers shopping elsewhere.
  • No more antique dock designs from big and lazy companies that your customers hate to buy.
  • Most importantly, no more promoting someone else's brand.  It's time to further your own brand!
We'll help you, and then you help your customers. Call or write today to request a dealer package.

Product Features - Private Label Dock
Dock Leg Clamps
Leg Clamps Mount Anywhere in the
Track System for Endless Configurations
Dock Connector Brackets
Track Mount Connector Brackets
Can Connect Frames in Any Layout
 Aluminum Dock Frame
Fully Welded Aluminum Frame
w/ Removable Deck Panels

Features of the Private Label Dock
  • Fully Welded Aluminum Dock Frame - An amazingly simple, yet strong, 1 piece welded frame.  Endless configurations and only 1 size to stock.
  • Docks are Super Easy to Install and Remove - This is why your customers will buy this dock.  Removable deck panels and a light weight frame make this dock a 1-person job.
  • Best Prices Anywhere - Finally a dock built smart.  Through versatility and efficiency in design, you'll always have the price advantage over your competitors. 
  • Your Own Branding - You won't find our name on this dock.  Put your own sticker on it.  It's your dock and your brand.
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What's Included in the Dealer Package?
 * Complete price list with extra discounts based on quantity.
* Assembly instructions so you can see exactly how the system works.
* Printable product sheet to hand out to your customers.
* Printable dock layout example sheet.
* Shipping cost estimates based on location.

We regularly ship all over the U.S. If you have customers, we have your docks!
Promote Your Brand, Not Someone Else's.

You send mailings.  You pay for radio spots.  You insist on a fantastic level of service from your crew.  Then when some guy, who happens to need a new dock, goes paddling by the newest system on the lake (which you sold, delivered and expertly setup), who's logo does he see on the side of it?  Not yours.

You see, someone who has a place on the lake doesn't grow up knowing where to buy docks the same way someone grows up knowing all the brands of phones or cars or TVs that are available.  When they recognize they need a new dock, they start looking at the docks on the lake.  If they see your brand you get the call.  If they see another company's logo, it's a toss up.

The best way to multiply your marketing efforts is with free advertising to the people who matter.  When that guy who needs a new dock paddles by one of yours, he not only sees your logo with your phone number, but he also sees proof.  Proof it works for his lake and proof other's think the same way he does.

Private Label Dock System
Versatility is in Stock

Customers like options, and they're not going to wait 3 weeks in June to get them.  What was the old solution?  Gigantic dock companies would make 15 frame variations and then ask you to keep them all in stock.   Because you wanted to control inventory costs, you'd only keep a handful of each size.  Of course the first customer to come in wants 3 of the size you only have 2 of.  He scoots on down the road to the next guy and you're left with the same inventory you had at the start of the day. 

Because of the versatility in our frame design, we can give your customer all the options he wants while you only stock 1 frame size - 4ft wide by 8ft long.  The trick is in the frame track system.  The track runs around the entire exterior of the frame.  This means 2 things - First, leg holders can be bolted anywhere on the frame using our leg clamps and 5/16" carriage bolts.  Second, our track mount connecting brackets can also slide anywhere in the track and be placed where connections are needed.  The customer wants a straight dock with a 4-leg starter section?  No problem.  Customer wants an "L" dock?  A "T" dock?  A patio dock?  No problem, no problem, no problem.  And all done with the same frame, same leg clamp, and same connector bracket.

Boat Dock Layouts
Create Many Layouts From the Same Frame!
A Removable Decking Surface

Dock manufacturers should be forbidden from permanently fastening their dock decking to their frames.  

When you add the decking to a dock you typically double the weight or more.  You know why dock manufacturers weld or screw their decking to the frame?  Because it's cheaper.  More money in their pockets and more frustration and back troubles for your customer.  When decking is fabricated into removable panels, a dock installation and removal turns into an easy 1 person job instead of a nightmare.  It's a simple design point that puts a smile on your customer's face.

Removable Dock Decking
Removable Dock Decking Panels
Decking Options

Cedar Dock Decking
Surestep Dock Decking
Sure-Step Deck Panels (tan/gray)

Accessory Options

4-Step Aluminum Ladder

Canoe / Kayak Racks

Anchor Post

Nylon Dock Cleat
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