Rugged Aluminum Docks for Rough Water

It's tough to find a built-strong dock that weighs less than an upright piano.

We build our docks rugged like a fireman - but here's the key. Our sections are short and our decking removable. This makes your dock super strong but still very easy to install.

Give us a call right now and we'll see if this dock can make your lake time more enjoyable.

Features of the Lake Truss Dock
  • Short Section Lengths - Smaller sizes are much easier for you to handle. Why drag around those huge 12 and 14ft long sections if you don't have to?
  • Removable Decking - Don't be fooled by the aluminum decking guys. If it's welded to the frame, you can't remove that weight while installing and removing your docks. That's a recipe for a trip to the chiropractor. Our decking comes off to lighten the load you carry.
  • Direct Pricing - When you buy your boat docks direct, not only do you get more unbiased advice, but you're not lining the pockets of both a distributor and marina with your hard earned dollars.
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Price Per Section
Price per 4ft x 8ft Section: $945 ea.
Price per 6ft x 8ft Section: $1145 ea.

*price includes frame, cedar decking, support legs, hardware and mud feet ~ or in other words, EVERYTHING!

Don't Be Fooled

Some companies try to pass off their cheap bolt-together frames as truss docks. It's not the same and not nearly as strong.

The aluminum Lake Truss dock frame is fully welded box tube construction with 16" on center integrated joist spacing to support the decking with aluminum. This means no bounce in your walking surface.

Fully Welded Aluminum Truss Frame

Aluminum "Lake Truss" Dock with Track Mount Quick Connects
An Indestructible Frame

Our frames aren't delivered in pieces and then bolted together.  When you get a Bestmade Docks Lake Truss dock the frame is one fully welded frame.  Side rails are welded to end rails and welded to leg holders which are all welded to each other.

Our Lake Truss dock is easily one of the strongest on the market, but at the same time it's one of the lightest - it features short section lengths and removable decking.

Don't be fooled by the "kit docks".  They're not nearly as strong!

Aluminum "Lake Truss" Dock with Welded In Leg holders
Dock Decking Options

Cedar Included

Sure-Step Deck Panels (tan)
Add $50 per 4x8 section

PVC Decking
(tan and gray)
Add $100 per 4x8 section
Dock Accessory Options

Aluminum Ladder
4-Step $225

Canoe / Kayak Racks
$145 per Pair

Dock Anchor Post
$60 w/ 8ft Long Post

UltraGard Bumper
Adjustable - $75 ea.
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