Floating Dock on Canandaigua Lake.

For this application the lake bottom turned to mud after 16ft.  We did a roll-in truss dock to a 6ft wide by 24ft long floating dock.  This dock has to be removed in the winter so the floating dock is anchored with auger posts for easy installation and removal.

Canandaigua Lake dock.

This one is easily one of the coolest pictures one of our customers have ever sent.  This was a chilly fall morning late in the season so grab a hot cup of coffee before you head out to have a seat.

Marina dock on Keuka Lake in Hammondsport, NY.

13 slip Lake Truss dock with Sure-Step poly decking installed at a motel on Keuka Lake.  This was a completely custom job drawn up to the exact specifications of the owner.

Dock installed on Canandaigua Lake, NY.

64ft long aluminum Cottage Style dock w/ cedar decking installed on Canandaigua Lake.  Two sections of patio dock was plenty of space for those nice Adirondack chairs.  Grab a book and have a seat!

Seneca Lake Dock

120ft long aluminum Lake Truss dock installed on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes of New York.  Seneca Lake doesn't freeze in this area so this dock is a permanent installation.

Aluminum Truss Dock on Richmond Pond, MA.

A nice big aluminum truss dock with cedar decking installed on Richmond Pond in Western Massachusetts.  Look at the size of the patio on that thing!  No shortage of space for relaxation on this one.

Aluminum Truss Dock 6ft Wide.

6ft wide aluminum truss dock with an easy access ramp.  The customer wanted plenty of space to load and unload boat passengers.  This dock location?  The customer took this one across the border and parked it at his camp in Canada.

Tip In Aluminum Dock on Treasure Lake, PA.

Aluminum "Tip In" dock installed on Treasure Lake in Pennsylvania.  This one used poly decking for zero maintenance.  The customer also picked up some torpedo post bumpers and an aluminum ladder.

Aluminum Dock on Cazenovia Lake, NY.

Customer installed aluminum "Tip In" dock installed on Cazenovia Lake near Syracuse NY.  Notice the zero maintenance poly decking and that nice patio area at the end of the dock for relaxing.  Functional and fun.
Aluminum Dock On Ossipee Lake, NH.

Simple 4'x 22' long aluminum Cottage Style dock w/ cedar decking.  This was customer installed on Ossipee Lake in New Hampshire.  Someone get that little guy a fishing pole!

Aluminum Roll-In Truss Dock on Canandaigua Lake, NY.

4ft x 16ft patio roll-in Lake Truss Dock with 4x6 ramp on the south end of Canandaigua Lake in the Finger Lakes of NY.  This dock used "dually" roll-in wheels so it would roll easily over the mucky lake bottom.  With the decking and ramp removed this rolls in as 1 piece.

Tip In Dock in Lake Eaton in the Adirondacks

32ft long "Tip In" dock with patio on both sides.  This dock was customer installed on Lake Eaton in the Adirondack Mountains of NY.  Nothing like some wet cedar decking with a mountain back drop!

Small Patio Dock

3 section patio dock customer installed in Connecticut.  This layout is super popular for folks who just want to get a nice spot to relax on the water.  Quick to install and light on the wallet.

Aluminum Dock on Lake Cochituate MA.

4ft wide x 40ft long aluminum Cottage Style dock w/ poly decking for zero maintenance.  This one was customer installed in Lake Cochituate near Framingham Massachusetts.

See something you like?  Be sure to ask about it!  These are just a few of the projects Bestmade Docks has completed for our many happy customers.

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