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Now the classic do-it-yourselfers can spend less on their docks and get more from their lake front today! Don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a brand new dock from the local marina? By using our aluminum dock stanchions, you can build your own high quality, easy to install and remove lake dock. Also provided at no charge are our easy to follow boat dock plans to help you make your dream dock a reality. 

Price per Kit: $177 ea.

This product can be purchased online at our
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Why build your own dock?

1. It's Easy - Free dock building instructions make it a weekend project
2. It's Cheap - 50 to 80% less than the cost of a dock from the marina
3. It's High Quality - Aluminum stanchions won't rust and the design is simple and robust

The choice is clear and your family will love the dock. Don't struggle with that old junk another day!

Each DIY dock kit includes:
  • 1 aluminum adjustable stanchion (Consisting of 2 stanchion halves that bolt together) - Won't rust and will look and function beautifully for years to come.
  • 2 aluminum support pipes - Heavy duty 1-1/2" schedule 40 available in 5ft and 7ft lengths.
  • All necessary hardware - Including stainless steel set bolts and dock mounting hardware.
  • Free dock building instructions - Easy to follow and free to download with no obligation to purchase any products or complete a registration.
** Each stanchion is adjustable for retrofit to a dock of 36", 42", or 48" **
Free Dock Building Instructions Include:
  • Clear and complete instructions to aid in the building of a pressure treated wooden boat dock to use with your aluminum stanchion kits.
  • Complete materials list along with cut wood lengths, assembly instructions and dimensioned plans, and computer designed models to visually aid the build.
  • Easy to install and remove dock design features (2) removable deck inserts per 4ft x 8ft section.
  • Estimated cost per section beyond stanchion kits is $80 each (reference only and costs will vary).
Save more and do it yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions for DIY Dock Stanchion Kits

Q:  I have an existing wooden dock that I would like to replace the dock supports on.  Can I use these stanchions with my existing lake dock or pier?  How do I know they'll fit?
A:  Absolutely!  Many of our customers purchase these stanchions for retrofit to their current lake dock.  Each of the stanchion's interior widths are a half inch wider than their nominal setting.  For example, on the 48" dock setting, the inside width of the stanchion is actually 48.5".  This means it will fit nicely over a dock that has an actual width of 48" even.

Q:  The product description says I use (2) stanchion halves to make (1) stanchion.  What does that mean?
A:  The (2) stanchion halves are bolted together to make the (1) stanchion.  Bolting in different holes is what produces the different stanchion widths (36", 42", and 48").

Q:  So I've decided to use your wooden dock plans to build my new boat dock.  Aside from the do-it-yourself dock support kit, what do I need to purchase?
A:  Just lumber and screws.  The materials you will need are all outlined in the free Dock Instructions.

Q:  How do I know how long of support pipes to get with my stanchion kit?
A:  The minimum length of support pipe you will typically need for a dock is as follows: Water depth + height you want the top of the dock out of the water + extra support pipe you want above the dock top for adjustment.  A typical scenario for your dock kits might be 36" +18" +6" = 60" which would require 5ft support pipes.

I have an existing wooden dock that I would like to replace the dock supports on.  Can I use these stanchions with my existing lake dock or pier?  How do I know they'll fit?