General Questions

Q: I live outside the Finger Lakes. How will you ship my dock and how much will it cost?
A: We strive to keep shipping costs as low as possible and use a variety of methods to do so. For more complete information, please check out our shipping page.

Q: I see you have your pricing set for 4ft x 8ft and 6ft x 8ft section sizes only. Do you make other sizes?
A: Sorry, but to control costs we've elected to manufacture just these 2 sizes which seem to cover 95% of all applications.

Q: I've decided which style of Bestmade Dock I would like, how do I proceed?
A: The best place to start is to use our Dock Builder App on the home page to create a layout drawing and parts list.  This will serve to communicate with us what you want in a dock and also give you a parts list, layout drawing, and delivered price for your system.  From there, you can check mark the "Submit for approval" box on step 5 and we'll review your design and advise on any changes and a possible ship date. 

Q: Do you perform seasonal installations and removals?
A: We are currently unable to perform seasonal removals and installations. We may be able to recommend a dock removal service for deliveries in the Finger Lakes.

Q: I'm a new cottage owner and am unsure of what I need for docks. Do you do site visits?
A: Every situation is unique and there is no better way to dial in a customer's exact needs than to get a first hand look at the application. However, due to the distance between customers they are not always practical. When we can, we're happy to come check out the property. Visits are always no charge. We're great at dialing in your needs over the phone, so call to talk!
The "Cottage Style" Dock

Q: Q: How do I adjust the dock height without getting in the water?
A: First time set up can be a bit of a guessing game. Suppose you tip a dock in the water and it's 12" too low. There's not much you can do except pull it out, adjust up, and tip it in again or get in the water and adjust. It should be noted that this guessing game is typically a one time problem. Most users find that if they put the dock in the same place every year that the dock needs very little adjustment. To adjust, simply loosen the set bolts on the legs and raise or lower the dock. The leveling winch is a great tool for this. If you like to remove your dock legs every season, be sure to number and mark the legs so you can put them back in the same place the following season!

Q: How do the aluminum docks connect to one another?
A: The standard Cottage Style dock uses a quick-clip system. Simply place a section on the quick-clip, slide it back, and pinch with a set-bolt to lock it in. For the tip-in system, the hinge uses a lock position and tip position. After the dock has been tipped in place, you pull back to the lock position and slide the locking bolt into the upper groove and tighten.

Q: Should I upgrade to the "Tip-In" System?
A: If you need to install and remove your docks every year and have limited help to do so the tip-in system can be a great option. The real advantage is seen when you get into 5+ ft of water where waders simply won't do. Remember: the "Tip-In" system can be added on at a later date by just bolting on the hinge plates in their appropriate positions in the track system.

Q: How many and how long of dock support legs come with your boat docks?
A: To calculate how much support pipe you need with each dock section, use this simple formula: Water depth + distance from water to the top of the dock + 12 inches for extra adjustability. We provide you with the support pipe lengths you need for your docks at no additional charge to the per section price. We stock legs in 1ft increments from 2ft to 10ft

Q: What types of dock layouts can I create?
A: We can provide a dock system in most any layout you would like. The hinges for the tip-in and quick clips for the carry in can be positioned in an infinite number of locations to create a variety of dock configurations. The patio dock is by far the most popular dock layout.
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