Otter Island Swim Raft

All the features you'd want from your swim raft built in and included.

Swim, lounge, and sun on the best raft available anywhere.

Don't struggle with that old junk one minute more...
Why didn't these people remove their docks?
Do It Yourself Dock Kits

The perfect solution for the classic do-it-yourselfers.

We build the stanchions, you build the dock.  Make it a weekend project for a great new system.
Roll-In Dock Wheel Kits

Make any dock a roll-in dock with these bolt on kits.

Now you can leave the chiropractor looking for new customers and make your dock a snap to roll in and out!
Lake Truss Dock

It's a problem if you want a strong dock and have to cash out your 401K to pay for it -then bring home a crew to install it.

Not here.  Our docks have maneageable section sizes and factory direct pricing.
You can't appreciate the freedom of properly designed dock products unless you've struggled with the burden that heavy, gigantic, failing old docks represent.  They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Let this be the year you leave dock insanity behind.

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Bestmade's  Docks!
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Cottage Style Dock
Tip-In Cottage Dock

This is important.

You can now install and remove your dock by yourself without ever getting your feet wet - unless you want to.

Just "tip" your docks in and grab a drink.
Lake Truss Dock